Why Some People are Against Rodeo Riding

Rodeo riding is a controversial sport. There are some people who are vehemently against rodeo riding. There are folks who have gone to the extent of petitioning their governments, to outlaw rodeo riding. It is important for anyone who is getting into rodeo riding to be aware of these controversies. And that is why we chose to focus on those controversies in today’s article – as we try to answer the question as to why some people are against rodeo riding.

Dangerous sport

Some people are against rodeo riding because they feel that it is a potentially dangerous sport. And indeed, this is not an argument that can be wished away. For anybody who gets involved in rodeo riding does so knowing that there is a real possibility of getting hurt. That, in fact, is one of the joys of the sport — the adrenaline rush. Yet in spite of this possibility (of being hurt), we see people going to great lengths, in order to have an opportunity to take part in rodeo riding competitions. That is like where, for instance, you find a Walmart employee who is also a rodeo riding enthusiast going to the extent of taking time off duty, to take part in a rodeo riding competition. So you may find him frantically trying to access the Wm1 login page, in a bid to check whether his schedule allows him to take part in the rodeo riding competition. And if his Walmartone schedule doesn’t allow him to take part in the rodeo riding competition, he will go to the extent of contacting his supervisors, and convincing him to allow him some time off-duty to take part in the competition. This shows that the rodeo riding enthusiasts have come to terms with the sport’s dangerous nature, and they are totally comfortable with it.

Cruelty to animals

Then there are those who feel that rodeo riding is a sport that, by its nature, involves quite a bit of cruelty to animals. Again, this is not an argument that can be wished away. But the nice thing here is that rodeo riding enthusiasts go to great lengths, to mitigate the suffering of the animals.

Setting Up a Rodeo Riding School

One of the ways in which you can benefit from your rodeo riding skills is by setting up a rodeo riding school. After setting up the rodeo riding school, you can invite people who are interested in becoming rodeo riders to join. Then you can have them pay for the training — meaning that you’d thus have a way of monetizing your rodeo riding skills. The process of setting up a rodeo riding school should be fairly straightforward.

Acquiring the premises

You begin by acquiring the premises where you’d be training people in rodeo riding. You can buy the field, or you can opt to lease it. Or you can just talk to a person who happens to have an idle field, to allow you to use it for rodeo riding training purposes.

Acquiring the necessary equipment

After acquiring the premises where you’d be training people in rodeo riding, you can proceed to acquire the necessary equipment: including the animals. Again, you have the option of either buying or leasing.

Hiring people

Once you have the necessary equipment, you can go to the next step, and hire the people whose assistance you will need in running the rodeo riding school. You can hire unskilled people, and gradually train them to the level you want. You may, for instance, find a fellow who previously used to work at UPS, but who is now out of work. So this would be a person who previously undertook the UPSers sign up process successfully. You would expect him to come with the enthusiasm and basic work ethics associated with Upsers (that is, people who work at UPS). So you can hire him, and make him your first student. Then, once he has the right skills, you can turn him into an assistant – to help you in training other people to become professional rodeo riders.

Getting students

Now that you have everything in place, you can put out adverts, inviting people who are interested in becoming rodeo riders to join your school. You may need to undertake outreach activities, to get people to know about rodeo riding, what it involves and what its joys are. Initially, you are likely to get just a few students. But if you are patient, your rodeo riding school should become popular with time. So you are just supposed to give it time to grow.

How to Become a Professional Rodeo Rider

There are certain steps you need to follow, if you wish to become a professional rodeo rider. In today’s article, we will be highlighting those steps. And without further ado, if you want to become a professional rodeo rider, you need to:

  1. Enroll in a rodeo riding school: there are specialized schools where people who are interested in rodeo riding are imparted the necessary skills. You need to find one such school. Then you need to enroll as a student. You will probably be required to pay some fees to finance your rodeo training. But the fees are usually quite modest. It is usually the kind of thing you can pay for using your regular paychecks. So if, for instance, you are paid using the Paperlezzepay system, you may find that the paychecks you receive at www.securitasepay.com are more than enough to finance the rodeo riding training fees.
  2. Devote adequate time to rodeo riding training: having enrolled for rodeo riding training, you will need to devote adequate time to it. If you wish to become a professional (rather than amateur) rodeo rider, you will really have to take your training very seriously.
  3. Join a rodeo riding club after training: this is the next step in the path towards becoming a professional rodeo rider. It is not just enough to go through a rodeo riding course of training. The training course really just gives you the basic skills. But it is long-term practice that turns you into a real professional rodeo rider. And the way to get the necessary practice is by joining a rodeo riding club.
  4. Engage in rodeo riding competitions frequently: this is the only way in which you will get a chance to know whether your rodeo riding skills have actually gotten to a point where you can be referred to as being a real ‘professional’. Further, if you take part in rodeo riding competitions, and other people see that you have truly superb skills, they too will start recognizing you as a ‘professional’. Once you are genuinely recognized as a professional, you can start earning money from your rodeo riding skills.

Introducing Rodeo Riding to a New City

What steps does one need to follow when introducing rodeo riding to a new city – a city where it has never been done before? Well, in my experience, there 5 key steps, namely:

  1. Securing the grounds where rodeo riding is to be done: rodeo riding is obviously not the sort of thing you can do in a small room! You need to have a reasonably big open ground, to do it effectively. In cities where there is severe land shortage, it may be hard for you to secure the grounds where rodeo riding can be done. This may actually turn out to be the biggest challenge.
  2. Obtaining the necessary government permits: after securing the grounds where the rodeo riding is to be done, the next challenge is that of obtaining the necessary government permits. But this shouldn’t be too hard, as long as you are ready and willing to pay the necessary permit fees. Of course, you will also have to convince the local officials that rodeo riding is actually a harmless, entertaining activity.
  3. Getting people to know about rodeo riding: there are people who have absolutely no idea what rodeo riding is. Actually, most people have no idea as to what rodeo riding is. So you first have to get people to know what rodeo riding is, what it entails, what the joys of rodeo riding are… and so on. Only then can you try to get them to consider becoming active participants in the sport.
  4. Enlisting the first rodeo riders: once people know what rodeo riding is, what it entails, what its joys are… and so on, you can now move to the step of enlisting the first riders. Remember, you are still introducing the people to a new thing. You therefore shouldn’t charge them too much money initially. Otherwise it will be hard (and unreasonable) to expect a person to go to the mypremiercreditcard sign in page, log in and proceed to withdraw a huge sum of money – and then use the money to pay for a sport he hardly knows anything about. You may actually have to offer free rodeo riding sessions initially, before starting to charge fees later.
  5. Establishing a rodeo riding club: once you manage to create a sizable body of rodeo riding enthusiasts, the next step will be that of establishing a rodeo riding club. Thereafter, people who are interested in rodeo riding would only have to join the club. The club would also be the base from which the rodeo riding enthusiasts would be competing.

How to Make Money as a Professional Rodeo Rider

Having acquired professional rodeo riding skills, the next question that arises is as to how you can monetize those skills. That is, in other words, a question as to how you can make money as a professional rodeo rider. After speaking with dozens of professional rodeo riders, I have come to the conclusion that there are two main ways in which you can make money in this sports field.

Participating in rodeo riding competitions

The first option, in terms of how you can make money as a professional rodeo rider, is by taking part in competitions. The way most of these competitions are structured is such that the participants earn some (little) money by virtue of simply taking part. That is, for simply showing up. Then those who manage to win the competitions earn much more – in terms of prize money and other bonuses.

It may sound strange, but if you are truly good at rodeo riding, you may find yourself earning much more than what you could get as, say, a CVS Caremark associate. You just have to perfect your skills as a rodeo rider. To this end, you can start at the amateur level, and graduate into the professional level. Then, once you join the professional ranks, you can start entering the major rodeo riding competitions. Depending on the number and type of rodeo riding competitions you take part in, you could find yourself earning a decent living from this adventurous sport.

Training upcoming rodeo riders

The second option, in terms of how you can make money as a professional rodeo rider, is by becoming a trainer. So you train people who are interested in the sport on how to become rodeo riders. The people you train pay you for the service. If you manage to establish a solid reputation as a good trainer in this field, you are likely to attract lots of students. Even if you charge modest fees per student, you’d still end up with a sizeable amount of money at the end of it all.

You just need to ensure that you have good rodeo riding skills of your own to start with. Then you need to figure out what the best way to impart those skills onto other people is. In other words, you need to refine your training skills. Then you should subsequently be able to earn a good living as a professional rodeo riding trainer.

What You Need to Have, In Order to Train as a Professional Rodeo Rider

Many people are fascinated by rodeo riding. It is no wonder, then, that many aspire to be professional rodeo riders. And this leads to a frequently asked question, as to what exactly one needs to have, in order to be trained as a professional rodeo rider. I have answered this question numerous times, in various forums where I get a chance to speak (and where the question inevitably comes up). In this article, I will be outlining the things you need to have, in order to train as a professional rodeo rider.

To train as a professional rodeo rider, you obviously need to have time. Professional rodeo rider training is a time-consuming activity. You may need to devote several hours a week, consistently, if you are to become a truly professional rodeo rider. If your schedule is packed, and you have absolutely no time, it becomes very hard to move forward.

Another thing you need to have, when training as a professional rodeo rider, is physical stamina. You don’t have to be particularly strong, but it helps if you have enough energy to do basic things.

Yet another thing you need to have, when training as a professional rodeo rider, is a sense of adventure.

Given the fact that professional rodeo riding is  competitive activity, you need to have a competitive mindset, if at all you are to become a professional rodeo rider. I used to think that all people have a competitive mindset, but I have come to discover that there are people in whom such a mindset is totally absent. Such can’t thrive in professional rodeo riding.

As with most things, professional rodeo rider training costs quite a bit of money. It therefore helps if you have some money, when venturing out in search of professional rodeo rider training. It doesn’t really cost too much money. I know of very few people who have been unable to go through professional rodeo rider training due to financial constraints. But then, of course, if you have absolutely no money, it becomes hard to move forward.