Setting Up a Rodeo Riding School

One of the ways in which you can benefit from your rodeo riding skills is by setting up a rodeo riding school. After setting up the rodeo riding school, you can invite people who are interested in becoming rodeo riders to join. Then you can have them pay for the training — meaning that you’d thus have a way of monetizing your rodeo riding skills. The process of setting up a rodeo riding school should be fairly straightforward.

Acquiring the premises

You begin by acquiring the premises where you’d be training people in rodeo riding. You can buy the field, or you can opt to lease it. Or you can just talk to a person who happens to have an idle field, to allow you to use it for rodeo riding training purposes.

Acquiring the necessary equipment

After acquiring the premises where you’d be training people in rodeo riding, you can proceed to acquire the necessary equipment: including the animals. Again, you have the option of either buying or leasing.

Hiring people

Once you have the necessary equipment, you can go to the next step, and hire the people whose assistance you will need in running the rodeo riding school. You can hire unskilled people, and gradually train them to the level you want. You may, for instance, find a fellow who previously used to work at UPS, but who is now out of work. So this would be a person who previously undertook the UPSers sign up process successfully. You would expect him to come with the enthusiasm and basic work ethics associated with Upsers (that is, people who work at UPS). So you can hire him, and make him your first student. Then, once he has the right skills, you can turn him into an assistant – to help you in training other people to become professional rodeo riders.

Getting students

Now that you have everything in place, you can put out adverts, inviting people who are interested in becoming rodeo riders to join your school. You may need to undertake outreach activities, to get people to know about rodeo riding, what it involves and what its joys are. Initially, you are likely to get just a few students. But if you are patient, your rodeo riding school should become popular with time. So you are just supposed to give it time to grow.