How to Make Money as a Professional Rodeo Rider

Having acquired professional rodeo riding skills, the next question that arises is as to how you can monetize those skills. That is, in other words, a question as to how you can make money as a professional rodeo rider. After speaking with dozens of professional rodeo riders, I have come to the conclusion that there are two main ways in which you can make money in this sports field.

Participating in rodeo riding competitions

The first option, in terms of how you can make money as a professional rodeo rider, is by taking part in competitions. The way most of these competitions are structured is such that the participants earn some (little) money by virtue of simply taking part. That is, for simply showing up. Then those who manage to win the competitions earn much more – in terms of prize money and other bonuses.

It may sound strange, but if you are truly good at rodeo riding, you may find yourself earning much more than what you could get as, say, a CVS Caremark associate. You just have to perfect your skills as a rodeo rider. To this end, you can start at the amateur level, and graduate into the professional level. Then, once you join the professional ranks, you can start entering the major rodeo riding competitions. Depending on the number and type of rodeo riding competitions you take part in, you could find yourself earning a decent living from this adventurous sport.

Training upcoming rodeo riders

The second option, in terms of how you can make money as a professional rodeo rider, is by becoming a trainer. So you train people who are interested in the sport on how to become rodeo riders. The people you train pay you for the service. If you manage to establish a solid reputation as a good trainer in this field, you are likely to attract lots of students. Even if you charge modest fees per student, you’d still end up with a sizeable amount of money at the end of it all.

You just need to ensure that you have good rodeo riding skills of your own to start with. Then you need to figure out what the best way to impart those skills onto other people is. In other words, you need to refine your training skills. Then you should subsequently be able to earn a good living as a professional rodeo riding trainer.

What You Need to Have, In Order to Train as a Professional Rodeo Rider

Many people are fascinated by rodeo riding. It is no wonder, then, that many aspire to be professional rodeo riders. And this leads to a frequently asked question, as to what exactly one needs to have, in order to be trained as a professional rodeo rider. I have answered this question numerous times, in various forums where I get a chance to speak (and where the question inevitably comes up). In this article, I will be outlining the things you need to have, in order to train as a professional rodeo rider.

To train as a professional rodeo rider, you obviously need to have time. Professional rodeo rider training is a time-consuming activity. You may need to devote several hours a week, consistently, if you are to become a truly professional rodeo rider. If your schedule is packed, and you have absolutely no time, it becomes very hard to move forward.

Another thing you need to have, when training as a professional rodeo rider, is physical stamina. You don’t have to be particularly strong, but it helps if you have enough energy to do basic things.

Yet another thing you need to have, when training as a professional rodeo rider, is a sense of adventure.

Given the fact that professional rodeo riding is  competitive activity, you need to have a competitive mindset, if at all you are to become a professional rodeo rider. I used to think that all people have a competitive mindset, but I have come to discover that there are people in whom such a mindset is totally absent. Such can’t thrive in professional rodeo riding.

As with most things, professional rodeo rider training costs quite a bit of money. It therefore helps if you have some money, when venturing out in search of professional rodeo rider training. It doesn’t really cost too much money. I know of very few people who have been unable to go through professional rodeo rider training due to financial constraints. But then, of course, if you have absolutely no money, it becomes hard to move forward.