Finding Courage to Become a Rodeo Rider

One needs to have courage, to become a rodeo rider. Rodeo riding is definitely not the sort of thing that is meant for cowards. Not surprisingly, one of the questions most frequently asked questions about rodeo riding is as to how they get the courage to engage in this risky sport. This question is often posed by people who are keen on becoming rodeo riders, yet they are unable to overcome their fears. So they seek to understand how they can find courage to become rodeo riders. And that is the question we will be tackling in today’s article – as we identify some of the ways in which you can find courage to become a rodeo rider. Without further ado, some of those ways in which you can find courage to become a rodeo rider include:

  1. By watching others engage in rodeo riding: this way, you get courage from the logic that ‘you too can do it, if those other people are able to do it’. After all, you get to ask yourself, what do they have that you don’t have?
  2. By focusing on other risks you have taken in the past: you will find that in the past, you have undertaken other activities that are much riskier than rodeo riding. To the extent that you were able to find courage to undertake those other activities, rodeo riding should surely be a piece of cake.
  3. By focusing on the thrill you stand to get from rodeo riding: so this is a question of focusing on the rewards, and thus being able to overcome the fear. This strategy of focusing on rewards works very well in many other things. Like for instance, when you sign up for work on my employee login portal you do so knowing that the work is likely to be challenging. But you focus on the money you are likely to earn, and the joys of having the money: rather than the challenging nature of the work.
  4. By focusing on the safety features that are in place: there are many safety precautions that are put in place to protect rodeo riders. By focusing on these precautions, you will get courage – knowing that there are fallback precautions in place, in the (highly unlikely) event of things going wrong.

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