Getting Corporate Sponsors for a Rodeo Riding TV Show

Having produced a successful rodeo riding TV show, the next step will be that of getting corporate sponsors for it. These are the people who would finance the show, in exchange for opportunities to run their ads in the course of the show. So when we make reference to getting corporate sponsors for a rodeo riding TV show, we are dealing with the question of how to monetize the show.

Of course, if yours is a spectacularly successful rodeo riding TV show, you may not have difficulties getting corporate sponsors for it. In fact, you may face a paradoxical situation — where the corporate sponsors would be the ones fighting for an opportunity to sponsor the show. It is akin to the way someone with an excellent credit rating keeps on getting all manner of offers from banks. So, for instance, as a person with an excellent credit rating, you go to your mail box on a given day – only to find an invitation for you to go to the application page and apply for a credit card there. And even before you consider how to respond to the get my offer from capital one deal, you have another bank offering you another credit card deal… such is the life of an individual with a good credit rating. And in a similar way, if you have a particularly successful rodeo riding TV show, you are likely to have corporate sponsors falling over themselves to sponsor your show. In that case, the best thing to do would be to subject them to a bidding/auction process, where you select the highest bidder.

If you don’t have corporate sponsors falling over themselves to sponsor your show, the onus would be on you to search for them. This may be a question of preparing proposals, and sending them to the sponsors, showing them how they stand to benefit by sponsoring your show. You may target companies that sell horse products, horse betting companies, firms that sell adventure packages… and so on. So this is about focusing on the varieties of companies that would be interested in the sort of audience that a rodeo riding TV show is likely to draw.

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