Introducing Kids to Rodeo Riding Through Mutton Busting

One of the best ways to introduce kids to rodeo riding is through the practice of mutton busting. This is a fun sport where kids attempt to ride/race sheep. In today’s article, we will be attempting to understand how mutton busting works, and how it can be a useful way to introduce kids to the joys rodeo riding.

How mutton busting works

There are three key steps in the mutton busting sport.

Firstly, the kids who are to take place in mutton busting have their height and weight measured (or estimated). The idea here is to avoid having kids whose weight or height can cause injury to the sheep.

Secondly, a suitable sheep is identified. This should be a sheep that is capable of withstanding the weight of a kid. Some people will also prefer sheep that are not known to be too aggressive.

Thirdly, the sheep is held still – either through the use of a chute, or simply by the strength of a trained handler. As the sheep is held still, the kid is instructed to get on top – in a riding position. Then the sheep is released.

Naturally, the sheep will be inclined to throw off the strange body riding it. So the rule of the game is for the kid to strive to stay there, and resist the sheep’s attempts to throw him off. The kid who is able to stay on top for the longest duration of time is deemed as the winner of the game.

Why mutton busting is an ideal way to introduce kids to rodeo riding

Through mutton busting, a kid can get a chance to overcome the fears that keep many people from taking part in rodeo riding. Once such fears are fully conquered, the kids are well on their way to becoming proficient rodeo riders later on in life. Furthermore, mutton busting is usually not a very expensive sport. It is the sort of thing that the kids can even pay for themselves, using the small allowances they get. Like if, for instance, a kid has received a cash gift card (the sort of card whose account is meant to be accessed online at, he could opt to use the funds to pay for mutton busting sessions. Of course, if a kid is to use his gift card money – as reflected at to finance mutton busting sessions, he will have fully discovered the joys of mutton busting. But even where the kids are paying for themselves in that way, their parents or guardians still have to be involved: as there is usually a legal waiver to be signed.

How safety concerns are taken care of in mutton busting

There are many ways in which safety concerns are taken care of, in mutton busting.

Firstly, the kids are made to wear helmets, before being involved in mutton busting.

Secondly, only kids who are old enough (to handle frenzied sheep) are allowed to take part in mutton busting.

Thirdly, for the safety of the sheep, the use of spurs is usually prohibited. Further, to protect the sheep, height and weight restrictions are put in place. The objective is to ensure that kids whose height or weight is likely to hurt the sheep are not allowed to take part in the sport.

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