Introducing Rodeo Riding to a New City

What steps does one need to follow when introducing rodeo riding to a new city – a city where it has never been done before? Well, in my experience, there 5 key steps, namely:

  1. Securing the grounds where rodeo riding is to be done: rodeo riding is obviously not the sort of thing you can do in a small room! You need to have a reasonably big open ground, to do it effectively. In cities where there is severe land shortage, it may be hard for you to secure the grounds where rodeo riding can be done. This may actually turn out to be the biggest challenge.
  2. Obtaining the necessary government permits: after securing the grounds where the rodeo riding is to be done, the next challenge is that of obtaining the necessary government permits. But this shouldn’t be too hard, as long as you are ready and willing to pay the necessary permit fees. Of course, you will also have to convince the local officials that rodeo riding is actually a harmless, entertaining activity.
  3. Getting people to know about rodeo riding: there are people who have absolutely no idea what rodeo riding is. Actually, most people have no idea as to what rodeo riding is. So you first have to get people to know what rodeo riding is, what it entails, what the joys of rodeo riding are… and so on. Only then can you try to get them to consider becoming active participants in the sport.
  4. Enlisting the first rodeo riders: once people know what rodeo riding is, what it entails, what its joys are… and so on, you can now move to the step of enlisting the first riders. Remember, you are still introducing the people to a new thing. You therefore shouldn’t charge them too much money initially. Otherwise it will be hard (and unreasonable) to expect a person to go to the mypremiercreditcard sign in page, log in and proceed to withdraw a huge sum of money – and then use the money to pay for a sport he hardly knows anything about. You may actually have to offer free rodeo riding sessions initially, before starting to charge fees later.
  5. Establishing a rodeo riding club: once you manage to create a sizable body of rodeo riding enthusiasts, the next step will be that of establishing a rodeo riding club. Thereafter, people who are interested in rodeo riding would only have to join the club. The club would also be the base from which the rodeo riding enthusiasts would be competing.

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