Getting Corporate Sponsors for a Rodeo Riding TV Show

Having produced a successful rodeo riding TV show, the next step will be that of getting corporate sponsors for it. These are the people who would finance the show, in exchange for opportunities to run their ads in the course of the show. So when we make reference to getting corporate sponsors for a rodeo riding TV show, we are dealing with the question of how to monetize the show.

Of course, if yours is a spectacularly successful rodeo riding TV show, you may not have difficulties getting corporate sponsors for it. In fact, you may face a paradoxical situation — where the corporate sponsors would be the ones fighting for an opportunity to sponsor the show. It is akin to the way someone with an excellent credit rating keeps on getting all manner of offers from banks. So, for instance, as a person with an excellent credit rating, you go to your mail box on a given day – only to find an invitation for you to go to the application page and apply for a credit card there. And even before you consider how to respond to the get my offer from capital one deal, you have another bank offering you another credit card deal… such is the life of an individual with a good credit rating. And in a similar way, if you have a particularly successful rodeo riding TV show, you are likely to have corporate sponsors falling over themselves to sponsor your show. In that case, the best thing to do would be to subject them to a bidding/auction process, where you select the highest bidder.

If you don’t have corporate sponsors falling over themselves to sponsor your show, the onus would be on you to search for them. This may be a question of preparing proposals, and sending them to the sponsors, showing them how they stand to benefit by sponsoring your show. You may target companies that sell horse products, horse betting companies, firms that sell adventure packages… and so on. So this is about focusing on the varieties of companies that would be interested in the sort of audience that a rodeo riding TV show is likely to draw.

Sanitizing the Rodeo Riding Sport

In many people’s mind, rodeo riding is a ‘blood sport’ that needs to be urgently banned. The question that arises, then, is as to what can be done, to deal with this image problem. In other words, this is a question as to what can be done to sanitize the rodeo riding sport, and get more people to support it.

As it turns out, there 4 key things that needs to be done, if we are to be successful in sanitizing the rodeo riding sport:

  1. Get people to understand the rodeo riding safety precautions that are in place: most of the people who complain that rodeo riding is a ‘blood sport’ turn out to be folks who are unaware of the safety precautions that are in place. Once they are enlightened about the stringent measures that are put in place to ensure the wellbeing of both the people and animals that are involved in rodeo riding, they discover that their earlier views are unfounded.
  2. Get more people to understand how rodeo riding generally works: there are individuals who believe that the key objective in rodeo riding is to get the animals involved in the sport hurt. If these people can be enlightened on the true objectives of the sport, they would soon come to the conclusion that it is not a ‘blood sport’, after all.
  3. Publicize rodeo riding safety statistics: whereas rodeo riding is indeed a rough sport, surprisingly very few people or animals are hurt in it. If the safety statistics are publicized, many of the individuals who view it as a blood sport would have to change their views. One may come to discover that they are more likely to be hurt in a soccer match than in the course of a rodeo riding duel. Or one may come to discover that, in terms of statistical odds, their chances of winning in the dg customer survey sweepstakes are higher than their chances of being hurt in rodeo riding.
  4. Ensure that only ethical people are involved in rodeo riding: these should be individuals who are able to strictly observe the rules, and ensure that the safety precautions are adhered to consistently. If unethical people continue being involved in rodeo riding, the sport will always have image problems.

Organizing a Rodeo Riding TV Show

It is possible for you, as a rodeo riding professional, to make some money by running a rodeo riding TV show. This may be a show where key rodeo riding competitions are covered. Or it may be a show where rodeo riding training sessions are covered. It could even be a reality TV show: revolving around the lives of people who are involved in rodeo riding.

In organizing a rodeo riding TV show, you need to:

  1. Identify the TV channel where the show would be aired: this may be, for instance, a sports TV channel.
  2. Get into a contractual agreement with the TV channel management: in the contract, you’d state what you will be delivering and what you’d be getting in exchange.
  3. Set up the production team for the rodeo riding TV show: the team would include the rodeo riders, the cameramen, the lighting crew, the editors… and so on.
  4. Start recording the rodeo riding TV show episodes: so this is just a question of selecting a venue where you’d be filming the show from, and  just getting the cameras rolling.
  5. Edit the rodeo riding TV show episodes before airing them: a well-edited show will always have better reception than a poorly edited one. You therefore need to put in some real effort into the editing task.

The most important thing is to ensure that you have a truly interesting TV show. Remember, the people who will be watching the show will have foregone other activities, in order to watch it. For instance, you may be dealing with a viewer who works at CVS Health. He could have gone to the mycvshr login page, signed in there, and checked his work schedule, only to realize that he was scheduled to be off duty on a given date. Then he decides to watch your rodeo riding TV show, rather than spending the time taking his pet dog for a stroll. By watching your rodeo riding TV show, he would essentially be sacrificing time that he would otherwise have spent on another activity. You therefore better be sure that the TV show you are presenting is indeed worthwhile.

Teaching an Introductory Course in Rodeo Riding

As a rodeo riding instructor, you are likely to find yourself having to take students through introductory courses in rodeo riding from time to time. Taking students through an introductory course in rodeo riding is a challenging, yet exiting undertaking. Just think about it. In the course, you would be taking people through their first steps in rodeo riding: knowing that some of these people may go ahead to become world-class professional rodeo riders later on.

You have to be very keen, while taking students through an introductory course in rodeo riding. Remember, the way you go about it will determine, to a great extent, the attitude that the students will develop towards rodeo riding. In other words, if you do it right, the students are likely to develop a positive attitude to rodeo riding. They may, consequently, choose to become lifelong rodeo riders. Conversely, if you don’t get the introductory course right, your students may develop a negative attitude towards rodeo riding. They could consequently fail to embrace the spot – meaning that you’d have cost the rodeo riding fraternity a potential enthusiast.

The most important thing for you to do, while taking students through an introductory course in rodeo riding, is to help them tackle their fears. Rodeo riding is, quite frankly, a scary activity. People approach it with lots of fear. So the most important thing for you is to ensure that you help the students to tackle such fears.

Another important thing for you to do, while taking students through an introductory course in rodeo riding, is to get them to embrace the best practices. You need to discourage them from taking ‘shortcuts’, right from the outset. You need to get them to understand the importance of doing things in the right way.

Some of the students who are signed up for introductory classes in rodeo riding may develop cold feet at the last moment! You therefore need to have a mechanism through which you can follow up on such students and encourage them to attend the classes. You can use your personal phone to contact such students and encourage them to attend their classes. This shouldn’t cost you too much money. Like if, for instance, yours is a Metro PCS phone, you will be charged very little money, if the figures cited on the metropcs bill payment guide are anything to go by. And you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience of paying the phone bills: thanks to the metro pcs pay bill online system. Whatever the case, the most important thing is to ensure that you follow up on such students and encourage them to attend their introductory classes in rodeo riding. Once they overcome their initial inhibitions, they may go ahead to become professional rodeo riders.

How to Maintain the Health of Rodeo Horses

Your success, as a rodeo rider, will depend to a great extent on the health of your animals. It is highly unlikely that you will be a successful rodeo rider if the animals you use in the sport are weak and sickly. You therefore need to pay close attention to the health of the animals. You actually need to be proactive about the health of your rodeo horses. This is to say that you need to try, as much as you can, to keep your rodeo horses from falling sick. That is likely to be much better than waiting for the animals to fall sick, and then trying to get them treated. For once the animals fall sick, getting them treated is likely to be a costly affair. And even then, there is no guarantee that the animals that have fallen sick will get better, even with the best treatment course(s).

To maintain the health of rodeo horses, you will need to:

  1. Ensure that they are well fed
  2. Ensure that they get adequate (clean) water to drink
  3. Ensure that they are vaccinated against common diseases
  4. Ensure that they get adequate rest
  5. Ensure that the stables in which they sleep are always clean

You may need to engage a veterinary doctor to help you in maintaining the health of your rodeo horses. The doctor can be visiting on a regular basis, to examine the animals, and to take note of any diseases that may be taking root. You may be lucky enough find a person who trained in veterinary medicine, but who is yet to get proper employment in the field. He could, in the meantime, be working in, say, the local Darden restaurant — as a clerk, chef, assistant manager… or in some other position. Yet, going by the krowd darden schedule he is likely to have some free hours that he could use to visit the stables where you keep your rodeo horses, and check on their health. If he is newly employed there, he would have recently figured out how to sign up for krowd portal access. So you can get into an arrangement where, during his free hours, he would be assisting you to maintain the health of your rodeo horses. The veterinarian is likely to be more than happy to put his medical skills in practice, even if you are only able to pay him modest consultation fees. So that would be a win-win arrangement for both of you: where the doctor gets to practice what he learnt while you get medical attention for your rodeo horses at affordable rates.

How to Finance a Rodeo Riding Competition

If you are organizing a rodeo riding competition, you will have to deal with the question of finances. In other words, you will have to figure out how exactly the competition is to be financed. For one, the venue where the rodeo riding competition is to be held will probably have to be hired. And the owners of the venue may demand that it be paid for in advance, before the date of the competition. Then you may need to hire a lighting system, a public address system and security (among other things) for use at the venue where the rodeo riding competition is to be held. All these have to be paid for.

True, you can make quite a good amount of money from a rodeo riding competition. For instance, you can get the people who will be watching the rodeo riding competition to pay entry fees. You can also get the people who will be selling stuff at the competition venue to pay fees. At yet another level, you can get folks to advertise at the rodeo riding competition venue – again at a fee. The problem, however, is in the fact that you would only get such money at the end of the competition. Yet you (may) need to pay for the venue and other stuff in advance. So how are you to raise money in advance?

Well, one option is to use your own private resources, to finance the rodeo riding competition. Then you can use the money you make from the competition to refund yourself. You may, for instance, be working at the US Postal Service, and only organizing rodeo competitions on a part-time basis. In that case, you’d be getting some paychecks through the liteblue portal (by virtue of being a US Postal Service employee). So can use such private funds to finance the competition, then use the proceeds from the competition to recoup the investment. So you just go to the usps lite blue official site, login there and review your paycheck projections. You’d thereby get to figure out whether what you are expected is enough to finance the rodeo riding competition. Alternatively, you can take a short-term loan or bank overdraft to finance the rodeo riding competition. Then you use the money you make from the rodeo riding competition to repay the loan or overdraft.

Acquiring Horses for Rodeo Riding Purposes

There are three main ways in which you can acquire horses for rodeo riding purposes.

Buying the horses

Firstly, you have the option of buying the horses you are to use for rodeo riding purposes. This is the option that most people use. In most cases, you have to buy a young horse, and then train it specifically for rodeo riding purposes from a young age. You can alternatively buy a horse that is already trained and ‘experienced’ in rodeo riding.

Of course, you have to understand that horses tend to be costly animals. The average worker may not really be in a position to afford buying a horse – especially one that has specially been trained for rodeo riding – without taking a loan. Take, for instance, someone who is employed at PepsiCo – meaning that he gets his paychecks through the MypepsiCo portal. Unless he is in top management, it is highly unlikely that such a person would ever go to the mypepsico sign in page, login, navigate to the paychecks section — and find that he has magically earned enough money to buy a rodeo horse in any one month!  But if one is willing to save money slowly over time, they can soon or later get enough cash to finance the purchase of a rodeo riding horse.

Hiring the horses

There are folks who keep rodeo riding horses, which they hire out to rodeo riding enthusiasts who don’t have their own animals. So this yet another option open to you, when it comes to acquiring horses for rodeo riding purposes. If you only take part in rodeo riding once in a while, this may be the best option for you.

Borrowing the horses

If you know someone who has rodeo riding horses, and you are in friendly terms with him (or her), you can request them to give you their animal(s) for a day or so. As long as you commit to take good care of the animals, chances are that you will be allowed to use them. But this only applies if you are dealing with animals that are usually used for rodeo riding purposes. Otherwise it is unlikely that an ordinary horse owner — who doesn’t use his animals for rodeo riding purposes — would allow you to take his dear animal(s) for rodeo riding. That is, understandably, because of the risks involved. But if you are dealing with horses that are usually used for rodeo riding, and the owner knows that you will take good care of them, he is likely to allow you to use them for a day or so. Still, if you keep on borrowing the animals, the owner is likely to demand that you start paying for the animals’ upkeep, or buy your own. Again, this is understandable, given the high costs associated with the maintenance of rodeo riding horses.

Introducing Kids to Rodeo Riding Through Mutton Busting

One of the best ways to introduce kids to rodeo riding is through the practice of mutton busting. This is a fun sport where kids attempt to ride/race sheep. In today’s article, we will be attempting to understand how mutton busting works, and how it can be a useful way to introduce kids to the joys rodeo riding.

How mutton busting works

There are three key steps in the mutton busting sport.

Firstly, the kids who are to take place in mutton busting have their height and weight measured (or estimated). The idea here is to avoid having kids whose weight or height can cause injury to the sheep.

Secondly, a suitable sheep is identified. This should be a sheep that is capable of withstanding the weight of a kid. Some people will also prefer sheep that are not known to be too aggressive.

Thirdly, the sheep is held still – either through the use of a chute, or simply by the strength of a trained handler. As the sheep is held still, the kid is instructed to get on top – in a riding position. Then the sheep is released.

Naturally, the sheep will be inclined to throw off the strange body riding it. So the rule of the game is for the kid to strive to stay there, and resist the sheep’s attempts to throw him off. The kid who is able to stay on top for the longest duration of time is deemed as the winner of the game.

Why mutton busting is an ideal way to introduce kids to rodeo riding

Through mutton busting, a kid can get a chance to overcome the fears that keep many people from taking part in rodeo riding. Once such fears are fully conquered, the kids are well on their way to becoming proficient rodeo riders later on in life. Furthermore, mutton busting is usually not a very expensive sport. It is the sort of thing that the kids can even pay for themselves, using the small allowances they get. Like if, for instance, a kid has received a cash gift card (the sort of card whose account is meant to be accessed online at, he could opt to use the funds to pay for mutton busting sessions. Of course, if a kid is to use his gift card money – as reflected at to finance mutton busting sessions, he will have fully discovered the joys of mutton busting. But even where the kids are paying for themselves in that way, their parents or guardians still have to be involved: as there is usually a legal waiver to be signed.

How safety concerns are taken care of in mutton busting

There are many ways in which safety concerns are taken care of, in mutton busting.

Firstly, the kids are made to wear helmets, before being involved in mutton busting.

Secondly, only kids who are old enough (to handle frenzied sheep) are allowed to take part in mutton busting.

Thirdly, for the safety of the sheep, the use of spurs is usually prohibited. Further, to protect the sheep, height and weight restrictions are put in place. The objective is to ensure that kids whose height or weight is likely to hurt the sheep are not allowed to take part in the sport.

Using Web-Based Rodeo Riding Tutorials

One of the ways in which you can acquire rodeo riding skills is by using web-based rodeo riding tutorials. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of tutorials on the subject of rodeo riding online. These are resources you can use, to get almost the entire skill-set you need, to become a successful rodeo rider. Thus, if you are a person who is just getting started in rodeo riding, you will find these tutorials useful. On the other hand, if you are a person who has been involved in rodeo riding for quite a while, and you want to enhance your skills, you will still find the tutorials useful.

How to find the web-based rodeo riding tutorials

The search engines can come in handy, while looking for rodeo riding tutorials online. Like if, for instance, you undertake a search for a phrase like ‘online rodeo riding tutorials’, you are bound to links to (numerous) websites where you can access such tutorials. So the best way to initiate your search for web-based rodeo riding tutorials is by using a search engine.

Once you have found the websites with the tutorials, you can proceed to bookmark them. Bookmarking makes it easy to access the same web resources when you need them in the future. Bookmarking is a good idea while using the Internet at all times: not just when looking for rodeo riding tutorials. Like if, for instance, you are a Nordstrom employee, and you therefore often use the Nordstrom employees portal (at, it would surely make a lot of sense to bookmark it. So you bookmark it the first time you use it. That way, any time you wish to access the said MyNordstrom portal, you don’t have to enter the address into your browser: but instead, you only need to use the bookmark. That, then, is the same approach you should use while looking for/bookmarking rodeo riding tutorials online.

Types of rodeo riding tutorials you can find online

There are two major types of rodeo riding tutorials you can find online.

Firstly, we have the tutorials that are mainly made up of text. So instructions are given in text format, and it is upon you to read them, and proceed to apply what you learn.

Then secondly, nowadays we have video tutorials. Here, you are not only given instructions, but a demonstration is made, on video, on how to actually implement those instructions — in order to become a successful rodeo rider.

How to use the rodeo-riding tutorials

The most important thing here is to ensure that you get the instructions in the tutorials right. You then need to implement those instructions, being careful to ensure that you don’t miss a step. Remember, rodeo riding is a potentially risky undertaking. Thus ideally, you should ensure that you have someone else watching over you, as you implement the instructions from the tutorials.

If you are a beginner, it is really a good idea to get a (real person) instructor, to help you get started. This is better than trying to teach yourself everything using the online tutorials. Some of the things you will be seeing, especially in the video tutorials, will be the stuff that is supposed to come with a ‘don’t try this at home’ disclaimer. So it helps if you have an actual instructor, to show you how to get started in rodeo riding, how to handle the animal, how to ensure that the animal doesn’t get agitated… and so on.

Finding Courage to Become a Rodeo Rider

One needs to have courage, to become a rodeo rider. Rodeo riding is definitely not the sort of thing that is meant for cowards. Not surprisingly, one of the questions most frequently asked questions about rodeo riding is as to how they get the courage to engage in this risky sport. This question is often posed by people who are keen on becoming rodeo riders, yet they are unable to overcome their fears. So they seek to understand how they can find courage to become rodeo riders. And that is the question we will be tackling in today’s article – as we identify some of the ways in which you can find courage to become a rodeo rider. Without further ado, some of those ways in which you can find courage to become a rodeo rider include:

  1. By watching others engage in rodeo riding: this way, you get courage from the logic that ‘you too can do it, if those other people are able to do it’. After all, you get to ask yourself, what do they have that you don’t have?
  2. By focusing on other risks you have taken in the past: you will find that in the past, you have undertaken other activities that are much riskier than rodeo riding. To the extent that you were able to find courage to undertake those other activities, rodeo riding should surely be a piece of cake.
  3. By focusing on the thrill you stand to get from rodeo riding: so this is a question of focusing on the rewards, and thus being able to overcome the fear. This strategy of focusing on rewards works very well in many other things. Like for instance, when you sign up for work on my employee login portal you do so knowing that the work is likely to be challenging. But you focus on the money you are likely to earn, and the joys of having the money: rather than the challenging nature of the work.
  4. By focusing on the safety features that are in place: there are many safety precautions that are put in place to protect rodeo riders. By focusing on these precautions, you will get courage – knowing that there are fallback precautions in place, in the (highly unlikely) event of things going wrong.