Sanitizing the Rodeo Riding Sport

In many people’s mind, rodeo riding is a ‘blood sport’ that needs to be urgently banned. The question that arises, then, is as to what can be done, to deal with this image problem. In other words, this is a question as to what can be done to sanitize the rodeo riding sport, and get more people to support it.

As it turns out, there 4 key things that needs to be done, if we are to be successful in sanitizing the rodeo riding sport:

  1. Get people to understand the rodeo riding safety precautions that are in place: most of the people who complain that rodeo riding is a ‘blood sport’ turn out to be folks who are unaware of the safety precautions that are in place. Once they are enlightened about the stringent measures that are put in place to ensure the wellbeing of both the people and animals that are involved in rodeo riding, they discover that their earlier views are unfounded.
  2. Get more people to understand how rodeo riding generally works: there are individuals who believe that the key objective in rodeo riding is to get the animals involved in the sport hurt. If these people can be enlightened on the true objectives of the sport, they would soon come to the conclusion that it is not a ‘blood sport’, after all.
  3. Publicize rodeo riding safety statistics: whereas rodeo riding is indeed a rough sport, surprisingly very few people or animals are hurt in it. If the safety statistics are publicized, many of the individuals who view it as a blood sport would have to change their views. One may come to discover that they are more likely to be hurt in a soccer match than in the course of a rodeo riding duel. Or one may come to discover that, in terms of statistical odds, their chances of winning in the dg customer survey sweepstakes are higher than their chances of being hurt in rodeo riding.
  4. Ensure that only ethical people are involved in rodeo riding: these should be individuals who are able to strictly observe the rules, and ensure that the safety precautions are adhered to consistently. If unethical people continue being involved in rodeo riding, the sport will always have image problems.

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