Why Some People are Against Rodeo Riding

Rodeo riding is a controversial sport. There are some people who are vehemently against rodeo riding. There are folks who have gone to the extent of petitioning their governments, to outlaw rodeo riding. It is important for anyone who is getting into rodeo riding to be aware of these controversies. And that is why we chose to focus on those controversies in today’s article – as we try to answer the question as to why some people are against rodeo riding.

Dangerous sport

Some people are against rodeo riding because they feel that it is a potentially dangerous sport. And indeed, this is not an argument that can be wished away. For anybody who gets involved in rodeo riding does so knowing that there is a real possibility of getting hurt. That, in fact, is one of the joys of the sport — the adrenaline rush. Yet in spite of this possibility (of being hurt), we see people going to great lengths, in order to have an opportunity to take part in rodeo riding competitions. That is like where, for instance, you find a Walmart employee who is also a rodeo riding enthusiast going to the extent of taking time off duty, to take part in a rodeo riding competition. So you may find him frantically trying to access the Wm1 login page, in a bid to check whether his schedule allows him to take part in the rodeo riding competition. And if his Walmartone schedule doesn’t allow him to take part in the rodeo riding competition, he will go to the extent of contacting his supervisors, and convincing him to allow him some time off-duty to take part in the competition. This shows that the rodeo riding enthusiasts have come to terms with the sport’s dangerous nature, and they are totally comfortable with it.

Cruelty to animals

Then there are those who feel that rodeo riding is a sport that, by its nature, involves quite a bit of cruelty to animals. Again, this is not an argument that can be wished away. But the nice thing here is that rodeo riding enthusiasts go to great lengths, to mitigate the suffering of the animals.

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